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About the Dancing Noodle

This is a picture of me and my Dad. He is the owner of the Dancing Noodle restaurant. He has been in the restaurant business for over several decades.

His primary role over the years in the industry was as a cook, the recipes he uses has been developed throughout several restaurants and frequent visits to his hometown in Thailand. He makes almost every dish from scratch, it is really amazing how much time it takes to prepare each meal.


One example is his homemade drunken noodle recipe. We spend hours preparing the noodles at the restaurant, from cooking, panning, drying, cutting, then stir-frying the noodles with his homemade Thai sauces and spices. We also make other items like egg rolls and crab rangoon from scratch. It is absolutely incredible how much time and effort it takes to prepare these ingredients in order to provide that authentic homestyle Thai cooking experience. We look forward to sharing our meals with you. <3

Father and Son
Homemade noodles
Family Owned

Parker, Colorado

This location opened in the summer of 2010
We are located in a tiny strip mall called Crossroads Parker.
Parker is located in northeastern Douglas County, about 20 minutes Southeast from Denver. We know our dining area is a bit small but we promise you'll love our cozy home dinning room feel our little place has to offer. Sometimes it can get a little busy in the evenings during dinner time, so please feel free to order by phone or online for a pick-up.

Inside Dancing Noodle Dining Area
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