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Gaeng Bpah (Green Curry)
Mango with Sticky Rice

Family owned resturant
Homemade recipes

The Dancing Noodle doesn't just use homemade recipes, they cook the food the same way they would for their families. This means very little pre-packaged ingredients, no jars of off the shelf sauces or premade appetizers thrown in the microwave. 

This is the real secret on why the food is so amazing here, we don't cut corners, every meal takes hours of
preparation with the same love a care of a family.

We have a small intimate dining area. Although it is very cozy, you may want place a to go order to avoid waiting for a table.

We look forward to sharing our food with you.


Home Style Thai Cuisine

Dancing Noodle is a small, family owned, dine-in and take-out restaurant located at the Crossroads at Parker Mall in Parker, CO.

Pot Stickers (Gyoza)
Thailand Bangcock street vender
Best Thai Restaurant - 2010 Westword

"Dancing Noodle Thai Cuisine, a tiny storefront restaurant in an unassuming strip mall, is anything but dancing. It deserves to be packed, though, because the Thai dishes turned out here shimmy, spin and sway with penetrating, provocative flavors that don't just dance, but sing, too -- loud and proud. The coconut-laced curries, heroically anti-pedestrian, are redolent with the stink of garlic, ginger and heat; even the overexposed pad Thai is shockingly good. And the couple who runs this surprisingly great joint is sweeter than Thai tea."

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